Casework service

Casework services are provided by two caseworkers supported by Cultural Mediators and volunteers. A general assessment is first done in the reception area after which appointments are given based on priority cases. General information for example about where to find health services are provided directly by the reception.


Greek language lessons

Lessons are provided by one teacher and classes are held twice per week for two hours at Practice Greek, A1 and A2 levels. All the students from A1 and Practice group that completed the course continue to the next level.



Orientation Sessions

Orientation sessions cover a wide range of information and aim to inform people about the services provided at the Multifunctional Centre (MFC) of Thessaloniki. Include also skype sessions where people are coming to the MFC and they try to connect with the Asylum Office, through skype.


Restoring Family Links (RFL)

RFL services aim at preventing the separation of family members, restoring and maintaining contact between family members and at clarifying the fate of persons reported missing. RFL services are provided in the Multifunctional Center (MFC) for the Thessaloniki urban and the surrounding areas, as well as in long-term accommodation centers and various other locations in Northern Greece, based on a monthly schedule.


Cash Transfer Programming (CTP)

CTP provides cash assistance to asylum seekers and refugees located in Northern Greece, including the self-accommodated, and is aimed at meeting their basic needs, based on family size.