The overall philosophy of a multi-functional social centre is to enable refugees and migrants to stay safe connected and informed. The MFC is a social centre that strives to provide a wide range of services and support to migrants in strengthening their ability to cope and manage their needs and overcome daily challenges.

The MFC works with a holistic approach that aims to build resilience and empower migrants to regain autonomy in everyday living. Additionally the MFC aims to help people to establish new networks among people in a similar situation, generating a sense of community, which may otherwise be difficult to obtain in urban settings. MFC arrange learning and recreational activities that help people feeling confidence and capable to integrate into a new society.

The MFC puts a great emphasis on psychosocial wellbeing. Psychosocial support emphasise on the social and psychological aspects of people’s lives. The term ‘psychosocial’ refers to the dynamic relationship between the psychological and social dimension of a person and how these interact. The psychological dimensions include internal, emotional feelings and reactions. The social dimensions include relationships, family and community networks, social values and cultural practices and focus on a resilience based approach for individuals and families.